The Nines 2011 – Family – 4-4:30pm notes

Jud Wilhite – Central Christian Church (Henderson, NV): It’s Worse than you Think!

  • Your marriage and your family may be far more vulnerable than you think it is.
  • However high you think the statistics are they are higher.
  • My family is my first ministry and small groups.
  • I had to say yes to the best things – my kids and my family and say no to some really great things.
  • Be home more nights than you’re gone.
  • The greatest thing you can share with your kids is a healthy marriage.
Thom Rainer – Lifeway Christian Resources (Nashville, TN): LIFE on PURPOSE
  • 1 Timothy 3:5
  • Place a priority on intentional time with your children.
Stacy Spencer – New Direction Christian Church (Memphis, TN): LIFE on PURPOSE
You have 3 priorities.
  1. God
  2. Wife and kids
  3. Ministry/Work
  • Guard your time with your family.
  • Be intentional about communication strategies
  • The most important ministry you have right now is your spouse and your children.
Matt Fry – C3 Church (Clayton, NC): The Juggling Act
  • Joshua 24:15
  • Plan a treat with your spouse every year.
  • Do life together.
  • Date your mate.
  • Pray and study God’s Word. Take time to pray over each of your children.
Rafael Castillo – Christ Tabernacle (Queens, NY): LIFE on PURPOSE
  • Life on Purpose
  • Write a personal mission statement.
  • Budget your time.
  • Identify your roles.
  • Do everything on purpose.
Robert Emmit – Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX): Top Priority
  • Make your family a top priority.
  • Family is a high priority throughout the scriptures.
  • Go out on dates with your wife.
  • Go to your kids events.
  • Tell your church that your top priority is your family.
  • Go to church every week.
  • Manage your money together.
  • Make every anniversary a honeymoon.
Becky Alexander – Cross Point Community Church (Nashville, TN): Be Creative
  • The primary key to balancing family and ministry is BE CREATIVE!
Herbert Cooper – People’s Church (Oklahoma City, OK): The Greatest Gift
  • I’ve never put my wife in a box or role.
  • My number one ministry is my family.
  • The greatest gift you provide your church is modeling a healthy marriage and family.
  • My number one ministry is my wife and my kids.
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