The Nines 2011 – Discipleship – 2:45-3:20pm notes

Phillip Nation – Lifeway Christian Resources (Nashville, TN) : Friend Request
  • Discipleship moves people from being “self consumed” to being “self feeders” and ultimately to being “Kingdom focused.”
  • I’m not your mentor, I’m just your friend.
  • How do you want to move people from self consumed to self feeders to Kingdom focused?
Frank Turk – : Batman to the Rescue
  • I can’t lead like Jesus because I am not Jesus. I have to lead like someone God has called.
  • You must be a servant.
  • Confessing our sins specifically when we blow it.
  • I need to be a servant for the sake of others.
Mark Jobe – New Life Community Church (Chicago, IL) : Nuclear Discipleship
  • The smaller the focus the greater the impact.
  • Who are we intensely focused on?
  • We take a B.A.S.I.C. approach to personal discipleship.
  1. B.old
  2. A.ccountability
  3. S.piritual discipline
  4. I.nstruction
  5. Character discipline
Dave Gibbons – NewSong Church (Irvine, CA) : Communal Living as Disciple Making
  • Intentional community is key to life change.
  • The people closest to Jesus were his “dust catchers.”
  • Sincerely trust the Holy Spirit.
Ron Edmondson – Grace Community Church (Clarksville,TN) : Take it Personally
  • Don’t neglect the few because you can’t disciple the many.
  • Be intentional in disicipling a few
Steve Robinson – Church of the King (Mandeville, LA) : Who Leads the Leaders?
  • Everybody needs a coach otherwise you’re left with only your own insight into your life.
  • A biblical coach has outside insight.
  • Every leader needs a coach.
Bob Roberts – Northwood Church (Keller, TX) : Making Disciples for the WORLD!
5 things that are critical if you’re going to make disciples for the world –
  1. It’s hear and obey. Hear it and obey it. Learn it as you go.
  2.  Build discipleship into the daily fabric of life.
  3. Broaden your context of the church!
  4. Integrate believers and non-believers in ministry.
  5. Release the body of Christ.
Dave Browning – Christ the King (Burlington, WA) : Fave Five
  • Each person in our church is expected to primarily invest in 5-7 people.
  • Each year, we ask leaders who is in their “span of care” and who is “new” to their “span of care”
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