The Nines 2011 – Discipleship – 11-11:40am notes

Chip Henderson – Pinelake Church (Brandon, MS) : Intentionally Relational

1. Be intentional

  • Those who are hungry.
  • Be with a person of the same gender.
2. Be individual
  • One on one.
3. Systematically
  • Have a specific thing you’re trying to teach a person.
Brandon Hatmaker – Austin New Church
  • I don’t have space for another Bible Study.
  • Create a time that works best.
  • We need to make more effort to make space for people to walk in Jesus’ shoes.
Jon Ferguson – Community Christian Church (Chicago, IL) : The “Big Ask”
  • Make the distinction between a “big” ask and “mini” ask.
  • When we minimize the ask we minimize their potential and the vision.
  • If we ask people to step up to a task that is small and manageable, we can only expect small and manageable results.
  • Lead – minus vision = desperation
  • Lead + vision = inspiration
Doug Pagitt – Solomon’s Porch (Minneapolis, MN) : Relational Transparency
  • Be yourself in an effort to help people establish an honesty with themselves about who they are.
  • Transparency is Key for leaders!
  • Your level of transparency needs to be based on your connection with a person rather than the authority position you play in their church.
Mark Driscoll – Mars Hill Church (Seattle, WA) : The Mentor Myth
  • Young leaders are drawn to the mentor myth.
  • If we idolize someone we will eventually demonize them!
  • I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a mentors, you should have mentors. A team of people who you can learn from.
Jeremy Brown – Journey Church (Jackson, TN) : What’s the Target?
  • What are you looking for when you go to make disciples?
  • “Follow me, and I will make you into fishers of men.”
  • Are you following Jesus?
  • Are you being formed by Jesus?
  • Are you being faithful to the mission of Jesus?
  • If we made disciples, we wouldn’t have to make up words.
  • “If you don’t have a target you’ll hit it every time.”  Howard Hendrix
Greg Holder – The Crossing (Chesterfield, MO) : The “Both/And/And” Proposition
  • Think of what God is calling you into as a Both/And/And Proposition
  • Study to show yourself approved.
  • Be studying and actively learning.
  • We can’t be just informational.
  • It’s both/and–cognitive and emotional/head and heart…but there’s another and ○ Cognitive and emotional and behavioral/thinking and feeling and doing.
  • How we love others as we have been loved, serve others, champion others, include others, won’t tolerate gossip….but that’s not the end game – God is the point of it all.
  • Start living both, and, and life….there will be things that click and fall into place, and you’ll know.


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