The Nines 2011 – Vision – 7:20-8pm notes

Nancy Ortberg – Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (Menlo Park, CA): What’s Up, Dog?
  • The people that God sent you are a vision of where you’re supposed to start.
  • Give people opportunities, challenges and relationships.
  • Offer a “migratory path.”
  • After hearing a story and placing a person in a role as a volunteer with a shepherd, revisit to understand if this is a good fit or if they need to move somewhere else.
  • Encourage conversation.
  • Give them challenges once you get them in the right place.
  • Give people a relationship with you.
Todd Bishop – The Point Church (Long Island, NY): Vision of an Identity Crisis
  • God has called us to be original.
John Bishop – Living Hope Community Church (Vancouver, Washington): Dangerous Church
  • I really believe that the church has to get outside of the church.
  • Vision is about seeing something that is so big that when it happens, only God can get the credit.
  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • If my church and your church cease to exist would your community notice?
  • Let’s be people who will see risk to see our cities turned upside down for the glory of Christ.
  • Stay dangerous.
Terrance Johnson – Higher Dimension Church (Houston, TX): The Big Mac of Vision
  • Start with the what.
  • Move to the WHO!
  • Figure out the HOW!
Pete Hise – Quest Community Church (Lexington, KY): Living and Dying by The Vision
  • What is the vision of your church?
  • Every church has a vision.
  • Is the vision producing passion in your people?
  • It’s time some of our churches admit that we have a vision.
  • Vision shouldn’t be like the bi-laws of your organization – you shouldn’t just refer to it when there’s a problem!
  • There is a problem – often, we’ve lost track of our vision! Go find it and see if it lines up with Scripture!
  • The mission of the church is to make disciples!
Amy Hanson – Author & Consultant (Omaha, NE): Balancing Act
  • What is not occuring that should be?
  • Have to balance what’s not happening with what is happening.
  • The balanced focus will enable the most significant expression of your vision.
Derwin Grey – Transformation Church (Indian Land, SC): The Naked Preacher
  • Conveying the vision God has laid on your heart will require a team of people.
  • Mobilization is the difference between a vision and a dream.
  • Upwards – Inward – Outward.
  • Vision mobilizes people to do something.
  • The Vision Frame is a key lens to see where God is taking us.
  • The wake up call.
  • The mind stretch.
  • The God smile.
  • Are we stewarding an audacious faith?
  • It’s not about us, its about what God dreamed.
Rick Warren 
7 Keys to lasting in ministry –
  1. Learn to enjoy the grace of God. God only uses imperfect people.
  2. Be yourself. Be authentic.
  3. It’s not about you. It’s all about Him, not about us.
  4. ?
  5. You spell love – T.I.M.E – time. The only way to teach ministry is to be taught.
  6. Make time for personal renewal.
  7. Live in light of eternity.
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