The Nines 2011 – Vision – 4:45-5:15pm notes

Brad Powell – NorthRidge Church (Plymouth, MI): The Great(est) Dreamer
  • God’s not looking for people who are able to dream great dreams. He’s looking for people who realize that His dreams and His visions are bigger than anything we could come up with!
  • If I pursue God’s dreams and visions for my life and this world, I’m a part of a dream that’s bigger than anything I could ever imagine.
  • Seize God’s dream and become part of something bigger than yourself.
Mark Batterson – National Community Church (Washington, DC): The Circle Maker
  • When you have no idea what you’re doing it’s great because then you pray.
  • God isn’t offended by bold prayers. He’s offended by anything less.
  • We need to dream big, pray hard and think long.
  • When we pray bold prayers that honor God, God honors those bold prayers.
  • We need to dream big and pray hard.
  • You need to pray circles around the promises and dreams God has given you.
  • If you’ll do that, leadership, teaching, preaching, family and ministry will take care of themsleves.
Eric Swanson – Leadership Network (Dallas, TX): Medium Rare, Thank You!
  • Vision motivates people.
  • Vision needs to be our caffeine at night and what gets us up in the morning.
  • Vision is what I see. Passion is what I feel.
  • I can’t expect my vision to be the size of my passion.
  • It is my vision and passion that fuels my mission.
Tyrone Barnett – Peace Baptist Church (Decatur, GA): Partnership is Key
  • Partnership is a vital part of ministry.
Greg Surratt – Seacoast Church (Mount Pleasant, SC) – No Life without Whiteboards
  1. Am I driven by my love for Jesus? Is the reason that I’m in ministry because I love Jesus?
  2. Do I really love my family?
  3. Do we love our people?
  4. Do I love my community? How do we love them?
More, More, More = more stress. Always.
Lee Powell – Cedarcreek Church (Perrysburg, OH): Nuts and Bolts
  • Andy Stanley says “Vision leaks” – it’s an understatement – people just flat-out FORGET the church’s vision!
  • When you say you’ve talked about vision too much, you probably haven’t.
  • I work vision into as many messages as possible.
Mark DeYmaz – Mosaic Church (Little Rock, AR): Speed Bumps, Road Blocks and Potholes
  • It’s very difficult many days to pursue the vision God has laid on your heart with the same passion and excitement that you did at first.
  •  If you are down and dejected, lift up your eyes.
  • God wants to give us everything we see to us if we will prayerfully, patiently and with great persistence keep pressing on pursuing the call that God has placed on your life.
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