The Nines 2011 – Family – 10:30-11am notes

Matt Carter – Austin Stone Community Church (Austin, TX) : Pursuing the Heart of your Wife
  1. Pray about how you speak to your wife.
  2. Serve her everyday.
  3. Work to win her heart all over again. What if in 15yrs I could make this girl fall in love with me again like she did when we were first dating. Pursue the heart of my wife.
Brian Bloye – West Ridge Church
  • Choose to cheat your ministry in an effort to place value on your family.
  • Our family and kids are our first ministry.
  • God wants you to finish strong and he wants you to do it beside your spouse.
Bruce Wesley – Clear Creek Community Church (League City, TX) : Find your Rhythm
  • Understanding that the rhythms of our life play out of our identities.
  • Getting away with my wife at least twice a year.
  • At Christmas time the children didn’t run to the tree but to the car because they knew we were going to spend time with family.
  • Your identity needs to be found in who Jesus is rather than what you “DO” for the Gospel.
  • When stress comes to your family related to your time, don’t go look at your calendar – look at your heart!
  • Are you understanding that your identity is in Christ?
  • Our rhythms in life flow out of our identity.
Ed Stetzer – Lifeway Christian Resources (Nashville, TN) : Family Man
  • 1 Timothy 5:8

4 ways I seek to value my family

  1. Time – I’m never to busy for my wife or children. – I bring my family with me. We do things together.
  2. Truth – We’ve decided to be truly honest. We want our children to hear from us and never doubt.
  3. Trumph – My wife has the trumph card. If my wife is not called, we pull back together. God is my number 1 priority, my wife is my second priority.
  4. Trips – I take trips with my children.
Courtney Joseph – Women Living Well Ministries (Canton, OH) : Integrity Starts at Home
  • Who we are at home is who we really are.
  • The integrity of our ministry really lies with who we are behind closed doors.
  • Jeremiah 45:5
Andrew Jones – Thoughts from the Motorhome
10 things we do to be a happy and sane missional family –
  1. Create rituals.
  2. Create space for everybody.
  3. Encourage unselfish behavior.
  4. Learn to take breaks after big events.
  5. Freedom to be creative.
  6. Travel slowly.
  7. Accept less invitations.
  8. Choose family oriented gatherings – keep the kids involved.
  9. Choose to use language that kids understand.
  10. Kids are involved in the decisions we make.
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