Catch His Fire Carry His Flame – Evening – Matthew Barnett

Matthew Barnett – “You Can Do More Than You Can Do”

  • God has called us not only to speak to people’s needs, but to also speak to their potential.
  • I am asking you to make history.
  • Rise up and walk.
  • Ministry is miracle space.
  • God called us to do the impossible.
  • You can always do more than you dream you can do.
  • God gets the glory when you step up and do something bigger than you.
  • God has called us to dream for people’s potential.
  • Jesus said, “come and follow me.”
  • As they began to belong with Jesus they began to believe.
  • Jesus says you belong first in order that you may believe.
  • Rock bottom is the best place to go sometimes. This is where God recreates you.
  • Sometimes the rock bottom experience is the greatest place in life.
  • You don’t have to be relevant to be revolutionary.
  • Entertain the thoughts that anything is possible when you’re anointed by the holy power of God.
  • It doesn’t have to make sense. God is just looking for someone willing to give him miracle space.
  • God hasn’t called us to do ordinary things. He’s called us to tell people to rise, pick up their mat, and walk.
  • Create that miracle space between what you can and cannot do and allow God to get all the glory.

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