Catch His Fire Carry His Flame – Rich Wilkerson Jr.

“Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love.
Remember the height from which you have fallen!
Repent and do the things you did at first.”
– Revelation 2:2-5

Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Symptoms of the Spirit” 

  • Alignment is more important than assignment.
  • You reap what you honor.
Acts 4:13
  • If you don’t have the symptoms, do you really have the Spirit?
  • If you’ve encountered Jesus people around you ought to be able to tell whether you tell them or not.
  • When you’ve been with Jesus people notice.
  • When you’ve been with Jesus people can tell.
  • People ought to be able to see the Jesus inside of you.
  • If you’ve got the symptoms people will be able to tell.
  • We love getting lit. We’re addicted to getting lit. But not very many want to be a light.
  • Something has to change. You can’t stay the same.
  • Jesus will light the fire but you’ve gotta be committed to keeping the fire burning.
  • Just because you’re lit doesn’t mean you’re on fire.
  • Jesus didn’t die that you might get around the fire. He died so that you’d jump in the fire.
  • We need some Christians who are on fire, who’ve had a God encounter, who are living it out.
  • I want to see the church rise up.
  • The only way you can bare symptoms of the spirit is to get addicted to the spirit.
  • I’d say that people who say they are burned out were never really on fire to begin with.
  • Addiction isn’t wronged. It’s what you are addicted to.
  • I want to be addicted to Jesus, to prayer.
  • You have to get addicted. Until you get addicted you won’t bare symptoms.
  • What’s the different between an addict and the average Christian? The addict remembers their first love.
  • What’s happened to most Christians is that we’re not addicted. So many of us are no longer addicted to our first love.
  • Christians, somehow we’ve forgotten what it’s all about.
  • Somehow we’ve taken the simple message of loving the world and complicated it.
  • This isn’t complicated.
  • This is not about adjusting your behavior, it’s about returning to the Savior.
  • The same power that transformed you initially is the same power that transforms you progressively.
  • We’re not singing to the audience, we’re singing to an audience of One.
  • Some of us here tonight just need to get addicted to our first love.
Two symptoms of a true addict –
1. Willing to pay the price.
  • Don’t lay or you’ll stay.
  • Are you willing to pay the price?
2. Doesn’t need anybody else to help them get high.
  • An addict is always willing whether anybody is around or not.
  • An addict doesn’t need anyone to tell them to read the Bible.
  • An addict can get high all by themself [with no other humans].
  • – David got down on his knees three times a day all by himself.
  • – Esther all herself, Jesus Christ all by himself in the garden.
  • – Jesus went to the cross all by himself.
  • Even if I have to go alone I’ve got to get the light out.
  • I’ll fight til the very end.

I’m wondering if there is one person tonight who will fight for my friends, family, school, workplace, church, neighborhood, city, country. I’ll fight, I’ll fight, til the very end.


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