D6 Conference 2011 – David Platt

David Platt

3 Words of Exhortation

1. Teach them (children/students) to treasure the person of Christ more than the possessions of this world.

  • You come to Jesus to get Jesus.
  • He is the one our souls need.
  • We don’t offer Jesus + these things. We offer Christ.
  • Don’t teach kids that Jesus is a means to an end, teach them He is the end.
  • Teach them that Christ is enough. Show them that Christ is enough.
  • You are free from the stuff of this world because Jesus is enough.
  • Teach them to treasure the person of Christ.
  • Teach them that he is better than video games, sports, and all that this world has to offer.
2. Tell them that God’s kingdom is infinitely more important than their family.
  • We’ve got to have an overarching kingdom picture.
  • Jesus gave Great Commission not to 12 men as head of their households, not to disciple their children, but disciple nations.
  • Do you have your eyes set on some way getting the Gospel to them [unreached children] as well?
  • God’s Kingdom is more important than physical family. Go proclaim the Kingdom of God.
  • We want to raise up children and students who will gladly forsake family to follow God.
  • His Kingdom is eternal, our families are temporary.
3. Train them to love the Lord enough to gladly leave their home behind.
  • The whole picture of following Christ is ultimately about a heart issue.
  • Our goal in parenting is o teach our children that Jesus is someone worth loosing everything for.
  • Let’s show them that Christ is a Savior who is worth living for.

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