Catch His Fire Carry His Flame 2011 – Phil Munsey

Phil Munsey

  • Come alive to the passion and purpose that God has given you.
  • God gives you the desires of your heart so that you’ll follow the desires of your heart.
  • Don’t pass on the pain. It is telling me that I am the solution to the pollution.
  • I will take the pain and make it my generations gain.
  • You are God’s plan to advance his kingdom.
  • All dreams point towards legacy.
  • Legacy is learning to live your life in 3D.
  • Begin always with the end in mind.
  • Everything is generational.
  • You joined the human race and the baton was passed to you.
  • Iniquity and en
  • When you confess Jesus Christ as your Savior there is a faith gene that is kicked into motion.
  • You act different because you are different.
  • If your dream won’t make the world a better place you are caught up in a scheme.
  • If you want to be happy get a hobby.
  • It’s about eternity, generations, legacy. Everything matters.
  • You can’t loose until you bind.
  • You don’t have something to loosen until you have something to bind.


Catch His Fire Carry His Flame 2011 is a conference of the Word of Life Christian Center in Hawaii.


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