Catch His Fire Carry His Flame 2011 – Casey Treat

Casey Treat  

Romans 4:3

  • Abraham is the Father of our faith.

3 Essentials for Your Life –

1. Faith

  • Hebrews 11:6
  • You cannot please God without faith.
  • The Gospel is the power for those who believe.
  • Everything with God is from faith to faith.
2. Vision
  • Your visions are made up of your hopes.
  • Faith gives substance to things you are hoping for.
  • If you have no vision the people perish.
  • The steps of a good man or a good woman are ordered by the Lord.
  • Vision is what you’re moving towards.
  • Vision is your future.
  • Vision keeps you focused on what God has for you and non focused on what the world has for you.
  • First you’ve got to see it.
3. Renewal 
..This is where I stopped. 3am in the morning and time to sleep. For more on Casey’s message check out Grace’s notes


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Catch His Fire Carry His Flame 2011 is a conference of the Word of Life Christian Center in Hawaii.


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