A Need for Community

Those days where Facebook seems dead, Church Online isn’t happening, no friends are online, and nothing good is coming through your Twitter streams, what are you feeling? If you’re like me, more for social networking community than face to face, you may be feeling sad, down, or maybe even depressed. This is where the need for community becomes more evident.

Having been learning this week about the need for community and how much we really do need each other through LifeChurch.tv, Granger Community Church, and #getrealchat on Twitter has had me thinking…

  • Who do you talk to when you’re feeling down.
  • If no friends are available for online chat can you leave them a message for later?
  • Do you have friends you can talk to regularly who you can just be yourself with, learn together, and discuss anything that is exciting, bad, good, whatever.
Hanging out late at night, every night, with an awesome friend on Skype has been great. Chatting, studying the Bible, discussing our day, what we are thinking or dreaming about, and being silly is so much fun. It’s a thing we all need and something to look forward to. Is also a great way to release stress, learn, have fun, and grow together. Do you have someone you can do this with, or something similar?
Sanctus Real in their song We Need Each Other says it well. We need each other..

We were created for community..do you have someone?

Update: Thanks to David for the link the video now shows it live from Granger Community Church last weekend! 


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  1. This brings me back to this past weekend’s services at GCC – was home for the weekend for my birthday and able to make it back to campus =) One of the exact songs of the worship set was this song exactly, beautifully sang by @meganwotring!

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