6 Great Church Online Campus’ to Check Out

Are you wondering what this Church Online thing is that people keep talking about? Looking for a list of Church Online campus’ you should check out? Keep reading!

For starters this is an example of what Church Online looks like (click the link).

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, especially if you follow me online,  you probably know that I hang out at an online campus’ often. Learning from other pastors and leaders, chatting with other believers and non believers, and worshiping together just happens to be something I enjoy doing. Whether I’m focused while watching or it’s just in the background I can often be found at one of the following:

None of these is better than the other, they are all led by great people and pastors, some are bigger than others, and the amount of services at each differs. Each has it’s own feel and atmosphere but the thing they have in common is God and the online campus.

If you’re at all thinking about checking out an online campus, wondering about God, or looking for a physical church to be a part of I encourage you to check these out. To those I attend regularly with I’m looking forward to our next time together and thankful for those who will be joining us!

Would love to hear what you have to say about Church Online, your favorite campus, or the ones that I missed. What are your thoughts?









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  1. Thanks for the recommendations here! I’ve found a few more online churches – posted the list as an editable spreadsheet at http://via.djchuang.com/onlinechurch – and I think there’ll be more churches launching online services as technology keeps improving

    • I took a look at your list DJ, and wow, that is a lot of churches with an online campus. Do you have the current days and times listed anywhere for these? I’d love to see that included or help add to it. Your spreadsheet is a great resource of online churches, I love it!

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