How Awakening 2011 Inspired A Dance Party

God lights the fire on the alter but we keep it burning.”- Bill Johnson

Seeing the energy and excitement that last night of the conference where everybody in the audience and on stage were jumping was amazing. I wanted the song to just keep going forever, I didn’t want to stop dancing. Seeing that that couldn’t happen, however, Jesus helped me find a new plan.

Seeing that a couple of my friends loved the song too we found it on YouTube and listened to it. Eventually I thought, “we should have a dance party. Get my friend on Skype, play energetic music including Dance, and just let go and dance.”

She was up for the idea and last night we did exactly that. From across the world two girls got together online, listened to the same energetic songs, and danced! It was awesome! Learned however that 10pm at night when your parents are going to bed is not the best time but the dancing thing worked! Not only does it help keep the fire burning but it also frees you on the inside.

Can’t wait to get together online again with this friend and dance some more, next time however, we’ll start earlier!

What are you doing to keep your fire burning? How are you putting into practice what you learned at Awakening 2011?


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