Awakening 2011 – Session 4 notes – Sean Smith

“Church buildings, big personalities, great speeches, .. don’t change people. The only thing that changes people is the glory of God.” – a quote from during worship

Sean Smith – 

  • Isaiah 8, Matthew 12
  • Every generation demands genuine reality.
  • As Jonah became a sign, so shall I (Jesus) be a sign for this generation.
  • I believe that God is going to raise up a signs and wonders movement.
  • Revival is a highly consecrated dose of the presence of God over a person or community.
  • I believe that the devil cannot stop the revival that’s underway.
  • Revival is already being birthed in the womb of God’s people.
  • You are pregnant with the next major move.
  • When God determines that he is going to change history, he first establishes a testimony.
  • We are going to be walking signs and wonders.
  • I’m not here to impress the world. I’m here for influence.
  • A sign indicates something beyond itself.
  • A sign always points to God.
  • What do you see when you’re walking past your city?
  • What do you see in your neighborhood, or at your workplace?
  • Blow up where you show up.
  • If Jesus was a sign to his generation, we must be a sign to our generation.
  • There is still time to win cities, nations, schools, neighborhoods..
  • Sometimes you have to wake up before your awakening.
  • God is making you a sign to your generation right now.


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