Granger Community Church – A Great Example of Serving and Vision

Granger Community Church has a huge 2016 Vision. They are embracing this vision God has given them and making changes with him as their guide.

Not only do they have a huge vision, but they have a heart for service. Serving before, during, and after church services, as well as outside the building walls and in their community. This short video is a great image of what serving looks like –

GCC Serves from Granger Community on Vimeo.

Serving, Vision 2016, can you be a part? Yes!

Recently I read their blog posts and pdf document about this vision and there is good news. Not only is this vision for Granger Community Church in Indiana, but it’s also for those of us online and around the world. It’s a global vision, for them, for you, and for me. I’m excited to be a part and invite you to join us. They are another great example of “embracing change with God as your guide.”

How are you serving or carrying out a vision God has given you or the church?


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  1. I enjoyed the video. True Christians serve others and we all need to be able to humble ourselves and serve. No leader or pastor is above serving.

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