Elevation Church's – "This Is How We Change the World" documentary – watch online this week only

Picture source: elevationexperience.com

Ever wondered what Elevation Church is all about, how they got started, or why Charlotte, NC was the chosen place to plant this church? Check out “This Is How We Change the World,” their documentary, it explains all of this and more! This week only (Feb 13-19, 2011) it is available on their website to watch for free.

“9 months in production this documentary captures the story of 8 families who sacrificed everything to chase God’s promise to see a city transformed with the love of Christ. It will inspire your church. It will challenge your leaders. It will push you to believe God really will do the impossible if you’ll follow him whole-heartedly through every circumstance.”

Elevation Church – where you can order the dvd

Elevation Church is a prime example of “embracing change with God as your guide.” Check out their documentary!



I could watch this again and again..great documentary! Order your copy online at the link above today!


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  1. I am an elevation member and all about you buying the DVD to support our church. But the bottom line is it is available to stream from free online at http://www.elevationchurch.org/video/documentary. Enjoy.

    • Thank you for the link to watch it online Win. I did end up getting it probably that same week or the week after but this will be a great way to show it to others who don’t yet have the DVD. Appreciate your comment!

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