Embracing Changes with God as Your Guide

When you put God first, when you follow where he leads you, when you let him be the driver of your life….things happen. When you invite him to use, change, mold, make, and prepare you, and invite him to lead and do life with you…things happen. When you believe that his words are true, that he will do what he says, and are truly open to him…things happen. God things, big things, things you would have never dreamed of..plans that are beyond your imagination of how they could have worked out without God..happen. When you put God first..things happen.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Vision, online churches, inviting God to be first and do those things in my life, being open to wherever he leads and saying yes to them, spending time with him and just believing and trusting that what he says is true and will happen in his time is changing my life.

Some doors are closing while others are opening. I’m learning new things and having dreams and invitations that are beyond me, that only God could plan for my life. Putting God first is a lifestyle of walking by faith, it’s like you’re blindfolded but you have God as a guide and as long as you listen to his voice and follow you’re fine. Satan comes along all the time and tries to knock you down but you just keep walking in faith and don’t let him bother you. I don’t know where God is leading me, where this adventure will end up, but I strongly believe that the events I’m involved in on and offline and doors that are opening and closing are part of his plans and preparations for my life.

This year is a new journey, one of walking by faith and not by sight, keeping him first and fixing our eyes on him. Following where he leads and saying yes to whatever that may be is the best adventure of your life, it’s the most awesome way to do life with God as your guide. I couldn’t trade it for anything better.

I encourage you to embrace the changes God is bringing you to. God has good plans for your life. If you’re feeling this is where he is leading and you’re scared jump in with both feet, know that this kind of scared is a good feeling; with God it’ll be all right. Embracing those changes he brings you too, those doors he opens or closes in your life, are part of his plans for you. Embrace the change, keep him first, pray and believe and let him drive.

Will you jump in with God for the ride of your life, or will you sit back and do life on your own missing out on whatever great opportunities he may bring? Thoughts?


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  1. Great post. Really enjoyed it. Successful change can only happen with God.

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