Embracing Change Through Reading Books (summary)

Books, books, books, embracing change through reading books. We’ve been looking at books over the last week or so now and it’s time to summarize this series or theme. February is a good time to start thinking about how you can grow and learn more this year. That may mean conferences, reading books or blogs, learning from other people, etc. Some even have a new years resolution to read more books this year, was you one of them?

I’d like to encourage you throughout the rest of this month and year to be inspired, see what others are reading, share what you are reading, and embrace change through reading books. It’s not just about reading but also applying what you read and learned from it.

Pick up a good book

Sit down and read it

While you’re reading be thinking about it

Take some notes so you can tell about it later

When the book is finished go find another.


When you read an inspiring book

one about change, leadership, or something else you’re passionate about

you learn, read, and are inspired to change.

Changing your life, a dream, or maybe you receive a vision.

Books are good at changing you

Dive in with an open heart and mind and let them.

Embrace change while reading books.

Put that change into practice even after the book is finished!


Looking back, looking forward – How are you embracing change through reading books?


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