Defeating Satan with Music and Power

Finishing a good book, armed by my holy discontent, listening to music, and fueled with ideas and a passion to blog I logged into WordPress with music from a YouTube playlist in the background. Wouldn’t you know this is the time Satan likes to attack. When you’re on fire for God, he takes it as a sign to attack. He kept giving me errors on YouTube and greatly frustrated me. On came the headache, then the mouth ache and fatigue.

At this point knowing it was Satan and that we as believers have the power and authority to defeat him, I took some Tylenol, ate a snack, and turned to God. Turning on the YouTube playlist I run with, also great music for when you’re feeling down, a new idea came to mind, “why not share a line from most of these songs in a post? If they can help me, they would probably help others too.” So still defeating the enemy myself I started putting in lines from the songs, and the more I focused on God and these truths the better I felt. The spirit is raised and Satan began to go down.

Yes there may still be evidence that he is there but once you choose to stand strong and defeat him he starts loosing. Here are lines from several songs that may help you if you are feeling down or defeated. Read them, believe them, and listen to them on the playlist if you’d like. You can overcome him, don’t let him defeat you. With Christ on your side you can win.

Hope is here, shout the news to everyone It’s a new day, peace has come, Jesus saves

– Jesus Saves – Jeremy Camp

Healing rain is coming down It’s coming nearer to this old town

Rich and poor, weak and strong  It’s bringing mercy, it won’t be long

– Healing Rain – Michael W. Smith

I am chosen, I am free, I am living for eternity..nothings gonna hold me back..

my chains fell off my heart was free, I’m alive to live for you..

– Nothings Gonna Hold Me Back – Jesus Culture

The time has come to stand for all we believe in, so I for one am gonna give my praise for you..

– The Time Has Come – Hillsong

Would you believe me if I said that we are the ones who can make the change in the world today?

.. Jesus, because of you, I’m free!

– Free – Hillsong

Let it be said of us .. that we lived to be a blessing for life

– The Blessing – John Waller

I will stand on the solid rock, I believe when I feel it or not,

Word of God come and fill my thoughts, I am your’s take control

– Solid Rock – Desperation Band

Through You I can do anything I can do all things

‘Cause it’s You who gives me strength Nothing is impossible

– Nothing is Impossible – PlanetShakers

How do you overcome the enemy when you are feeling down or defeated? Do you use songs or something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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