10 Songs That Will Get You Moving!

Wondering what kind of upbeat music can get you moving? Looking for songs to jump or dance too? Wondering what music I jump to while running with the wii that makes my person run super fast?

Here are 10 of the songs that get me moving  and if you let them they’ll get you moving too! –

  1. The Blessing – John Waller
  2. Nothing’s Gonna Hold Me Back – Kim Walker
  3. You, You are God – Gateway Worship
  4. Rise and Sing – Steve Fee
  5. Free – Hillsong
  6. One Way – Hillsong
  7. Jesus Saves – Tim Hughes
  8. Solid Rock – Desperation Band
  9. Nothing is Impossible – Planetshakers
  10. The Time has Come – Hillsong

Get on your feet, turn up the music, and dance. You are free in Christ, become undignified.

*As a side note if you’re ever feeling down, these are great songs to turn your focus back to God and lift your mood too!

What songs get you moving? Do you like to jump or dance to music, why or why not?


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