14 Quotes from Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

Looking for some quotes from Sun Stand Still? Need a glimpse of the book to help you decide to read it? Here are 14 quotes to get you started –

  • If you’re not daring to believe God for the impossible, you’re sleeping through some of the best parts of your Christian life.
  • If the size of your vision for your life isn’t intimidating to you, there’s a good chance it’s insulting to God.
  • Audacious faith is the raw material that authentic Christianity is made of. It’s the stuff that triggers ordinarily level-headed people like you and me to start living with unusual boldness.
  • If we have the audacity to ask, God has the ability to perform.
  • The same power that stopped the sun and raised Christ from the grave lives in every believer.
  • Accomplishing the impossible is all about seeing the invisible.
  • Seize God’s vision. Activate your faith. Make your move.
  • Your Sun Stand Still prayer, based on your Page 23 vision, activated by audacious faith, will mark your life by the miraculous, empower you to achieve the impossible, and put you in the middle of a move of God.
  • ..extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience.
  • If your problem is too big for you, it’s just the right size for God.
  • People who walk in audacious faith don’t stop and pray. Audacious faith teaches us to push and pray.
  • Sun Stand Still prayers are integrated prayers: They join our faith-filled prayers with our faith-filled action.
  • If you’re going to ask God to make the sun stand still, you’d better be ready to march all night. Push while you pray.
  • Hope is a desire. Faith is a demonstration. Hope wants it to happen. Faith causes it to happen and acts as if it’s already done.

What are your favorite Sun Stand Still quotes?


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To buy the book online go here. To check out the Sun Stand Still website click here.


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  1. This is dangerous stuff, and I don’t mean that in a complimentary way. This is the word of faith, name it and claim it, blab it and grab it movement, repackaged for a whole new glory seeking and naive generation.

    Jesus did not come to grant your every wish, but to forgive your sins. You may choose to live as a victor and not a victim, but that doesn’t mean that your choice for eternal salvation will effect or change your present circumstances. Many times life involves pain, sickness, disease, heart-break, and tragedy. That is the way of the cross. Jesus walked it and He invites us to follow Him on that road. To deny this reality is demanding the Kingdom of Heaven here on on a sinful earth that God has already said will be folded up and replaced with a new heaven and earth.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am going to pick up my cross and follow Jesus, come what may. In the end I win because Jesus has already defeated sin, death, and the devil!

    Thank you Jesus!

    • Amen, Rev. Brian Henderson!

    • I think you need to read the book before you form a opinion. He doesn’t talk about God being a “genie in a bottle” in the book.

      He talks about how God empowers you to do incredible things for HIS glory and not for our selfish agenda. He talks about asking God to use YOU to build HIS kingdom.

      God Bless!

      • Thanks for the comment Tyler! Definitely right on about what he talks about. I just read the book for the second time and don’t remember saying anything about a “genie in a bottle” in the post. Will have to go see what that refers to. Love the book and glad you do too!

      • Sorry about that. Just realized you were responding to Brian vs the post in general. Still agree with you!!!!!

  2. Excellent article, thanks.

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