Book Review: Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

Looking for a book that will change your life, inspire vision, and help you ask and dream for the impossible? Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick is one of the books for you. I just finished this book and am ready to practice what I learned. Check out the video then go read it yourself!
Sun Stand Still teaches about audacious faith and believing for the impossible. It’s all about living by faith and not by sight, praying Sun Stand Still prayers and believing that you have received what you asked for in prayer. This book is not a love story, mystery, or just another fun book to sit down and read, it’s a book that will motivate you to go beyond it. The book is just a start to a lifestyle of praying and believing like this.
Visit your local bookstore or library and pick up a copy for yourself today, sit down and read it, take notes, and then go out and live it.
Have you read Sun Stand Still yet or have plans to read it?
  • To buy the book online go here. To check out the Sun Stand Still website click here.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book!!! We had the Awesome Privilege of having Pastor Furtick at HPC at the end of last year. Powerfully Anointed Man of God, can’t wait for him to come visit us again, totally changed my perspective on my Prayer Life.

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