Inviting God to use U is one of the best prayers U can pray

Sitting here online considering what to write about I was having a hard time. I tried one thing and then another, none of which seemed to fit right. It was like God was saying “this isn’t the time to write, and this isn’t what I want you to right about.” I became eager and a little discouraged because I didn’t have this post written yet and people kept needing to chat with me online, keeping me from writing this. Eventually the busyness slowed down, all my friends had quit talking to me, it was late at night, the wind was howling and the snow was still blowing. I came back to WordPress and started to write. I now knew what I needed to write about. It wasn’t about this or that or the other thing I had thought about earlier but about what God was showing me during the busyness.

You see I became busy because I invited God to do life with me, to use me, and to change me. I invited him to use me. He chooses to use us on his time, not ours. He wanted to use me while I thought I should be blogging or doing other things. Yet when I say he can, I put myself aside and do what he says. This sometimes means talking with friends who need to talk, being a listening ear, stepping in and helping out last minute even when you don’t want to, writing the email, waiting for God to say “now is the time to write,” or just slowing down. I can’t say that I always obey, but I’m working on that, and trying to listen and follow every time. Following where God is leading is the best place to be. I can look back through the day and see the many places and ways God used me in the lives of others, I am thankful for this, even if that means that I’m up later than I wished, or I had to be doing something when I wanted to be doing something else.

When we choose to follow God and pray those prayers, allowing him to do life with us and use us as he chooses, it’s a life of surrender; a fun, exciting, peaceful, hard, trying, difficult, painful, joyful, life with Jesus. It’s a life worth living. He may not always use me on my time but on his, and when I invite him to be First in my life and in this blog that means that sometimes I’m also posting on his timing and trying to write about what he wants even if I thought I had different ideas.

“I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24

I’m choosing this February to embrace change, keeping God and others first, and to pray this prayer daily. I challenge you to join me. Will you invite God to use you this February and see what happens? If you pray it, believe that he will do it!


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  1. One thing I learned from Andy Stanley’s “Communicating for a Change” as well as my own blogging…

    When I write something for the SOLE purpose of writing, I usually fall flat on my face. I can’t think of ideas, I can’t piece together bible verses and good concepts…

    When God puts a burden on my heart for something, it tends to reach people. It changes thoughts and emotions, and it helps people relate to the writing.

    The writing I did about guys and how they treat women… that’d been burning on my heart for a long time, and I FINALLY hit a boiling point… man, I had stories of people printing it out and giving it to their workers/clients, and I had the largest amount of reads I’ve ever had on my site.

    All of this to say… when you sit down to write, search your heart to see if God has placed a burden on it. See if He’s really put a burning in your heart to address a certain topic, ESPECIALLY if it’s on something He’s taught you. I find that people relate the most to things that I’m going through, but I find out later that someone else NEEDED to hear it b/c they’re going through the same thing.

    I think you’re awesome, Becky! Keep up the great work! Keep your relationship passionate with Christ, and I have no doubt that He will lead you in your writing!

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