Change. It’s a new year and the blog has a new look with a new name. It’s still undergoing some changes so is not complete yet but for the most part the construction is finished. If you have feedback good or bad, about what to change or leave there is still time, I’d love to hear it.

Change is also about changing our lives, communities, churches, and children, etc. Through the way we live our lives and what we commit ourself to this year we can help to make changes for the good in these areas.

What changes are you trying or wanting to make in your life or in any area?


Posted on January 25, 2011, in Change. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hello Becky,
    A couple thought about your blog.

    I would place the subscribe tab where its easy for people to see and subscribe to your blog. (From briefly looking around I could not see one)

    I would switch the share and connect tabs to they stand out more. (For example if I wanted to share this blog it would show Facebook, Twitter, est. and not just a share button.)

    Just a couple thoughts you might want to think about. Have a blessed day.


  2. I appreciate your thoughts Dan. Is the subscribe button more obvious now? (It had been blue, even I didn’t see it when I went to look for it).

    Thanks for suggesting the switch to a different share button as well, this one should have all the common options more easily.

    If you ever have other suggestions I’d love to hear them. Thank you so much for sharing!

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