Celebrating the Past and Future of Resurrection Life Church – Mid Michigan 20yrs!

Sitting in church services this morning at Resurrection Life Church – mid Michigan, one of the physical churches I’m a part of, I heard about how this church body began. We’ve been celebrating RLC’s (Rez Life) 20th Anniversary this January and are looking back at the past as well as believing great things for the future.

“Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done here”

– God of This City by Chris Tomlin

RLC started with a man who had a vision of this church here. Some friends helped them start a Bible Study here and eventually Randy and Jodie Stehouwer were invited to speak and the group knew they were the pastors for the future of this church. Today the couple that started the Bible Study are pastoring another church nearby and Randy and Jodie are still pastoring here. (short version)

Hearing how RLC started and seeing pictures of the church, events, and the physical church building from 20yrs ago was pretty cool. That compared to where we are today is amazing. I’ve only been a part of this church for less than 2yrs and seeing and hearing these stories and seeing where we are now is simply God. How they celebrate 20yrs, remember the past, and look forward to the future is great.

Believing that the past was good and that the future will be even greater. I believe that God has great things in store for Resurrection Life Church – Mid Michigan as well as great plans in store for how he’ll use us in this city, right here where we are. I’m excited for the future and grateful for those who planted this church. Greater things are still to be done here..

If you are looking for a church in the Mid-Michigan area I recommend Resurrection Life Church – Mid Michigan. Not just because they are one of the bigger churches in the area, have a great facility, upbeat services, great teaching, and awesome children’s programs during their 11am service, but also because they have vision for the future and also for the community. The doors are open for church services 9 & 11am Sunday morning as well as Adult, Children’s, and Youth services at 6:45pm on Wednesday evenings. All are welcome, come as you are, we’d love to have you!

* Resurrection Life Church – Mid Michigan is also known as RLC or Rez Life.


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