What Others are Saying About Putting God First

Are you wondering if everybody has the same struggles, joys, or pains with putting God first as you are? Wondering if what you are going through is normal? Lets see what others are saying.

“So give yourselves completely to God. Stand against the devil, and the devil will run from you. Come near to God, and God will come near to you. Humble yourself in the Lord’s presence, and he will honor you.” (James 4:7,8a,10)

I went to some friends on Facebook recently and said ” I’m looking for potential info for a blogpost and am wondering if you’ve been trying to put God first since the start of the year and if so how that is going?” Here are their honest answers on how they are doing with putting God first.

  • “I have put God first and it is going great my mood is better.” – Chuck H.
  • “I’m trying to put God first and we started to put God first in our finances in December. I feel that it is important to take some time away to grow closer to God.” – Scott W.
  • “It’s going great. Having the Daniel Fast, YouVersion and Church Online helps tremendously. Everyone should have an accountability group somewhere; that’s the key I think.”– Terri K.
  • “I have begun reading my Bible at the beginning of the day. I am no longer watching TV for 21 days (that is my fast). A couple of times I struggled with wanting to watch TV. I also am being more cognizant of utilizing resources at work for personal use. Those are some examples. But so far, I feel I am starting off well.” – Waldo B.
  • “Yeah I try to put God first, mainly by trying to stay in his will for me. I must admit that at times I become impstent when things may not be going well, but I need to remember that it’s in his timing not mine. I also try to focus on what he is telling me about others.” – Paul N.
  • “I’ve tried, but I’m really busy, I do pray every day.  I have a hard time reading the Bible, though I have one on my Kindle, which crosses over to my iPad, and iPhone and my hubby’s Dell Streak, so we all have a Bible with us at all times!” – Marcella C.
  • “Well I’m not gonna lie, no excuses. The answer is no. I have tried, but made very weak attempts at doing it. But after what I have seen today.. I’m definitely gonna try harder.” – Yasira W.

Just like these guys I’ve gone through times of struggle as well as times where I was on fire for God and doing great. You will face times of both and when you’re down just keep pressing through and keep your eyes on God.

I’d love to hear from you as well. How are you doing with putting God first? What struggles or challenges are you facing right now? How have you overcome some of these down times?


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