New Year, New You – Putting God First in the New Year

New Year, New You – Putting God First in the New Year” is the theme for this week or month, we’ll see where God leads. A series about putting God first in our life and different ways that can be done, as well as just looking at January and seeing what God has in store for us individually.

Have you thought about what this new year could bring for you? There are a ton of dreams and opportunities waiting for you to pick up and run with them. Dream about what the new year could bring you and go for it! Set goals, accomplish things, and run with those dreams. However make sure God is first in your life, invite him to be a part of those dreams and let him lead you in accomplishing them. Put him first then run!

Just like I tried to put God first in blogging here last here I want to do that again. If I’m supposed to run with a weekly or monthly theme I’ll do that, if it’s daily posts about whatever for awhile I’m going to do that too. God is first, and when God’s in the drivers seat of the blog you never know which way it’ll go.

I’m excited about this week and the whole month. I’m excited about putting God first in my day, life, blog, and everything I do, and I hope you are excited too. Put on your seatbelts, put God first, and you’ll be in for the best ride and year of your life.

Join me this week and possibly month in putting God first. Stay with me and see where God leads us! It’s a “New Year, New You – Putting God First in the New Year.”

You ready to go, will you join me and others on this journey? Let us know in the comment section below, I am glad to have you on the journey!


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