God Comes First in 2011

Who or what are you going to put first in your life this year? It’s a new year, new beginnings, and is a new start for you. Will you put God first this year?

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. (Matthew 6:33a)

Being a part of 5 different church body’s has it’s advantages when it comes to New Years and starting the year off right. Every church body I know is either fasting, doing a Bible reading plan, memorizing scripture, or some other way to start off the new year by putting God first.

At one of the physical churches I’m a part of they are doing something called “First Things First,” which is reading 1 chapter each day from the book of the Bible for the month and memorizing that months scripture verse. It’s really simple, takes only a few minutes each day and the goal is to put God first when you get up and first before you go to sleep. First Things First.

Another church I’m a part of is doing a 21 Day Fast which is fasting for 21 days from something you don’t want to give up which could be Facebook, food, a Daniel Fast, or something else. Along with fasting there is also a 21 Day Fast reading plan on Youversion the group is doing.

The other three churches I’m a part of are doing things as well. One is doing a 90 Day reading plan (read through the Bible in 90 days), another is doing a book I think, and not sure about the third one.

Being that I’m a part of all of these churches I want to do everything. I’ve got James, 21 day reading plan and a Daniel Fast, memorizing scripture, etc to get me started to putting and keeping God first this year.

I want to encourage you as well to find a way to put God first this year whether that be what your church is doing, something you choose on your own, or joining me in one of the things mentioned above. God should be first, put him first this year.

If you are a part of a church body what are you guys doing? Will you join them? How will you put God first this year?


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  1. Thank you Beckie~ it is so wonderful!!! you absolutely right..God 1st

  2. Melanie Varisco

    I so absolutely love your "love" for God and for all his people. You are such a dear friend and inspiration to me. I will join you always in putting God first! I will continue in 2011 to put God first upon awakening in the morning, during the "middle" of the night, and in the morning. (The middle of the night comes alot for us that are in our 50's and can't get a whole nites sleep) 🙂
    Continue to let "Your Light Shine for Jesus" – allowing others to see the love and devotion you have for Our Lord and Savior.
    Love you and May God continue to bless you in 2011!
    In Christ,

    • Thanks Melanie for the kind words. I love serving with you! Middle of the night with God is sometimes the best, most quiet and peaceful time with him. Great thought on keeping him first in the middle of the night as well as the rest of the day. Keeping Him first together!

  3. Great post. My goal this year is to draw closer to God in everything I do. This means attending church on a regular basis and being consistent with my devotions.

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