Looking Back at 2010 (since I started blogging)

Being that this blog is back, a new year is coming soon, and life just keeps on changing I haven’t been real sure what to blog about or what types of advice or teaching you all are needing right now. So I come to you with a friendly update. Have you ever wondered if I go to school, have a life, where I work, or what I do online? Keep reading.

Life over the past half a year or so since I started blogging in late April 2010 has been interesting. I was finishing up my 2nd year in Early Childhood Education at a college in my state at that time, and started here right out by doing 31 Days to Building A Better Blog with a bunch of great bloggers. Over the summer I did a lot of biking, blogging, sleeping, some conferences, and vacations. Following the summer I started working at a home daycare with 6 children, it was fun and good experience. Eventually that job ended in mid December when the schools went on Christmas break and now I’m looking for another job.

As I’ve been looking I’ve also been thinking and changing my sleep schedule, instead of sleeping 9pm-7am it’s now more like 4am-1pm. Being active over break by running with the wii, hanging out at Church Online, blogging, and finding another pretty cool job has been keeping me busy.

I’ve recently come to find Hillsong Church Online, no I am not a volunteer there yet, and a paying job with ChaCha by being a Guide for them. ChaCha is sort of like google except you can type/text any question and get a real human response on the other end. Pay is very little but it’s a job and makes good use of some of the many hours I spend online each day. You also learn a lot. (If you spend a lot of time online and are looking for a job this is better than nothing, apply today.)

When school starts back up if I haven’t found a real job I plan to help out in a classroom at one of the local schools a few days a week, getting out of the house and volunteering with children is fun and exciting and is worth getting out of bed for. I’ve also been taking online classes one at time since summer, even though I haven’t been doing very well at them I’ll be starting another one here pretty soon.

Do you remember awhile back..when I posted on the song “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller? That’s what’s I’ve been trying to do while waiting and seeing where God wants me right now. While I’m waiting I’m going to serve God and worship him in online work, as well as volunteering, and when he leads me to something else I hope to follow.

Besides all of this I’m on the worship team at two physical churches and help with the children’s ministry at the third. It’s a lot of fun. I’m passionate about Christ, Church, Change, Community, and Children which are the 5 C’s to a better livin. This blog’s focus for the next year, how often I blog, and some other things may change up a bit. However I plan to stick with those five things and do some clean up around the blog so if you notice something is different or some missing categories that may be why.

It’s blog clean up time, time to prepare for the new year and make some resolutions.

What about you, have you looked back at the past few months or year recently? Do you have ideas for this blog in 2011? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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