There is Community in Gathering as a Team

At Praise Band practice tonight things were a little different. Normally we set up our instruments and tune individually while the vocalists talk and the sound guy gets things turned on. Tonight however, we gathered and worshiped (sang songs) as a team first, and then talked about how we as a team in a way are an example in how we live our lives and how we worship on stage. We didn’t even run through the songs we’re doing tomorrow morning, and really that doesn’t matter, following where God is leading is what matters, and if he says to take time to just focus/listen/worship him as a team and then get to the music in the morning that’s ok.

I’m excited about what’s happening in the next few months for this team, as well as musically and for the congregation. It’s not about us, but about God.

When you gather as a team, when you practice or worship together community happens. Community has been the primary focus this week, and this is one of the places you find community, on a team. There is also community when you gather on Saturday/Sunday’s, whatever day you gather as a church to worship and learn about God. In gathering as a body, worshiping God, learning about him, and just being there together; that is also community.

Find and be in community with others this week. Where are you seeing community happen in your life, or in places you’re at?


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