What are You Thankful for this November?

Being thankful is a common theme in November here in the USA. It’s a time to look over our life and see what we are thankful for. Earlier this week a friend on Facebook invited his friends to join him in a 24 day Thankful-a-thon, I liked the idea and joined the others who wanted to do it as well. You simply think of something you are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving, then on Thanksgiving you look back at all the things you’ve been thankful for.

Taking off of his idea of being thankful each day, I’m going to make each Thursday post leading up to Thanksgiving a day to reflect on what I and maybe others have been thankful for the past week. Then on Thanksgiving we’ll look back at all of them.

What are you thankful for today, yesterday, this month, the past year, your whole life? This week (M-Th) I’ve been thankful for –

  • Facebook
  • Sunshine and warm weather
  • Biking and exercise
  • Food

Are you thankful for any of these things as well? I prefer to bike on nice warm, sunny days then come home and eat some food and get online (includes Facebook).

What are you thankful for this November?


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