Leadership and Influence Summit – speakers A & B.

Following are some main points from the Leadership and Influence Summit speakers whose first names begin with A, or B; C-Z coming in the next few days.The notes I have are not even close to what you can get out of their messages (prerecorded videos of each speaker), so if you have an interest in learning more about leadership check out the Summit here.

Adrian Gostick – Engagement and Retention

–  Breakthrough Teams

1.  Adhere to the Basic 4 of Leadership.

  • Goal Setting
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Communication

2. Recognition

3. The Rule of 3 – We agree to live –

  • Wow – Dream, Risk, Measure, Tell Stories,
  • No surprises – Acknowledge each other; Create Availability; Accept Ideas Freely; Broadcast Deadlines, Goals, and Responsibilities; Offer and Ask for Help; Learn and Talk about the Best.
  • Cheer – Be Positive, Cheer Immediately, Cheer Closely, Give Details, Share the Experience,

Barry Libert – Social Nation

Barry PosnerLeadership Truths

  • It begins with an audacious assumption.
  • Am I making the difference that I want to be?
  • Nothing happens til you believe you can make a difference.

Ben DeckerCommunicate to Lead

  1. Leadership is influence.
  2. Influence begins with behavior.
  3. Leaders are focused.

– Leadership without communication is not leadership at all.

Bob SuttonGood Boss, Bad Boss


Leadership and Influence Summit – a free, online event – register and join in before it ends here.


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    1. Thanks for highlighting my message. I think it is also time for leaders to become followers and influence to give way to compassion. It is the only way organizations and our government will heal the resentment we all feel and get people back to work.



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