Finding Community in the Church

Sitting around tables eating soup and sandwiches while talking with friends or newcomers. Children (3-6yrs) jumping and raising their hands during worship. People praying for people. The whole church stretching their hands toward the team headed to Cambodia on Thursday while they were being prayed over. Listening while the pastor talked about communion, and then as a body (the church) taking the bread and the juice together.

“I am your beloved, your creation, and you love me as I am. You have called me chosen, for your kingdom, unashamed to call me your own. I am your beloved.” – Your Beloved by Vineyard

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” – Acts 2:42

When I saw all of this it reminded me of community. I believe there is community in gathering as a church with each other and others in eating, singing, learning, and breaking bread (a.k.a. Eucharist, or communion) together. There is also community within each age group as the children and youth sit together in the auditorium, then later go to their classes; as well as community in serving on one of the teams that makes these church services happen.

Not only does community happen when we gather to learn and break bread, or to serve in a class, but there is also great community in working together to serve and make a difference in the community where you live.

Find and enjoy community this week as you gather, serve, and make a difference in the church you’re a part of and in your town or city.


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