Election Day 2010 and other happenings this month and week

Photo Credits: ccfj.net

Are you voting? November 2nd is Election Day in the USA and you have a part to play. Figure out who you’re voting for, make sure you’re registered, then head to town and vote.


Leadership and Influence Summit – free, online, Nov 3rd and 4th (Wednesday/Thursday). Go here to register and for more info.


Daylight Savings Time ends – This Sunday, Nov 7th most of the USA, and some other countries return to Standard Time. Set your clocks back 1hr before going to bed Saturday.


Lots happening this week, things to look forward to and much community on and offline.

Being a new month I’m going to try a few new things on this blog. –

  • Blog schedule
  • A theme, and 1 of the 5 C’s each week.
  • Start adding photo credits to the pics I use.
  • Practice some ideas I’m learning on #blogchat.

This week – C for Community, and a theme of November

I want to connect with you, my readers, better. Being that you all come from different places around the world, writing and connecting for anyone anywhere is sometimes hard. So if you have ideas to help me connect with a broad range of readers, or topics you’d prefer to hear about or discuss, comment below or find me on Twitter or Facebook.


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