GOing Online – all the world includes the internet

Ever considered online as a mission field? GOing online as one of the ways we “go into all the world.”

“Going into all the world” is more than a mission trip, being a missionary overseas, and serving where you live and already are in life. It also includes the internet.

5 ways/places we can GO online –

  1. Twitter/Facebook – Update your status with – scripture, invite followers to join you at physical or online church services, song lyrics, ..
  2. Blog – What do you blog about? Do you ever blog about God or what he is doing in your life?
  3. Chat rooms – Your words and actions should reflect who you are. Especially if you’re a Christian watch your words, would the others in the room know you have Jesus in your life by how you are talking and acting? For one on one chat systems such as Skype, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo you can use these places to talk or be a listening ear for friends. Also a great place to pray with a friend one on one.
  4. Church Online Attend, volunteer, participate. People come to Church Online from all over the world, we are reaching people from all over. Be a part of what God is doing online.
  5. Email – Know a friend or someone who needs to hear about Jesus? You can use email to tell, start a conversation about God, as a way to let them nonverbally share their story, etc.

GOing into all the world includes the internet. Being in the 21st century we can easily reach and chat with people around the world through all of the above. How are you GOing online? What ways/places did I miss?


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