Tracking Your Workouts and Staying Fit with Online Apps

Looking for ways to track your workouts (biking, jogging, walking, etc), how far you went, your time and more? Check out RunKeeper and The Presidents Challenge, they are great apps that can help with this as well as encourage you to keep exercising!

It’s the time of the year when the kids go back to school, people start new jobs, earlier bed times, in some parts of the world it’s starting to get cold, and many people are also trying to lose weight or stay healthy. Following are two of the online apps that help me track my stats as well as encourage me to keep at it. Check them out!

RunKeeper is a web and mobile app that helps you track your workouts. You can also connect with other friends who use it and see their workouts too. It really easy to use and can help you greatly.

Sign up here.


The Presidents Challenge“It’s about choosing to live healthier – and finding things you really like to do.” “You’re it, Get Fit. Lets Move!”

If you’re a beginner or looking for a way to get started exercising check out the Active Lifestyle challenge (less than 30min of exercise, 5 times a week).

For those of you who are already active and want a challenge to do more than 30min check out Presidential Champions. This is the one that I’m doing. You earn points for being active, it’s great. The more active you are the more points you get. I get excited about getting points!

What online or mobile apps do you use to help you stay fit or track your workouts?


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