Identify, Reject, and Replace – blog about what you’re learning

Toxic thoughts – Identifying, rejecting, and replacing them; what does that have to do with blogging tips? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

In Lifegroup last night we were asked to share something with the group that nobody else knew about. I had to think for awhile but then I thought of something I could share. We all have things in life that are happening now or happened earlier in life that nobody knows about. On the blog or out in public may not be the place to share that, but find someone you can talk to one on one and share with them.

This week at Church Online we’ve been learning about Toxic Thoughts by Craig Groeschel. These thoughts are any negative, discontented, critical, and other ugly thoughts. If it’s a bad thought, it’s toxic. I learned from this that when we have these thoughts we are to

  1. “identify and reject toxic thoughts” and then
  2. “replace them with God’s truth.”

We have to identify that it is a toxic thought, then we reject it, and then we replace that thought with God’s truth such as scripture. When I first heard this message I thought of “How to Overcome the Urges and Temptations while “Getting Well.” In both situations you have God and letting him help you through whatever you’re facing.

Blogging Tip – When you allow God to blog with you and choose what you write about he will. He might even change your plans or have yours and his plans collide in the same post. Sharing what you learn, something that can be helpful to other readers or maybe goes along with a post that you wrote some time ago are all good tips.

Q: So next time you have a Toxic Thought what are you going to do? A: Identify, Reject, and Replace them.

What’s your strategy for dealing with bad thoughts?


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  1. I absolutely love this post Becky! Not because of LifeGroup; but simply for the amazing take away you've had from all the experiences and life experiences. Keep on glorifying HIM in your blogging – it's incredible.

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