Why Should I Blog Early/Ahead of Time?

Should I blog ahead of time, should I pre plan what I’m blogging about for the day or week? What are some of the advantages to scheduled blogging? Why not wait til the last minute?

Blogging ahead of time can be helpful. In WordPress this is known as “scheduled blogging” you type the post and then tell WordPress when you want it to be published. In life this can be known as expecting the unexpected or planning ahead.

Ever have days when you’re too tired to blog, the meeting runs late, power or internet suddenly go down, or something else unexpected happens during the time you normally blog? These are some of the reasons why you should plan ahead, if you were blogging at least a day ahead – Sunday you write for Monday, Monday you write for Tuesday , etc – you’d be a day ahead in case something like this happens. This is also a good thing to do if traveling or going on vacation to blog ahead for the days you’ll be gone unless you can blog as you travel.

But then there are also the times when you don’t want to blog ahead. For me it just depends on the series or topic for the week. The weeks I’m totally waiting on God to tell me at the end of the day what to blog on I have to wait on him. The weeks when I know from the beginning of the week what I’m blogging about each day already I could do those ahead of time. It just depends on the time of blog you lead and what your schedule looks like. For some this is easier than for others.

Do you blog a day or more ahead of time? What are some of the advantages you have seen to blogging in advance or “scheduled blogging?”


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