Blogging Tools is Taking A Twist

What do you do when you’ve been putting off writing that post and your internet goes down? Why should I blog early or when I’m thinking about it instead of waiting? These are both good questions to consider. Sometimes putting it off brings a better blog post while other times it just brings disaster.

Last night was one of those times for me. I had sat down at the computer planning to blog but got busy and when I returned to the site a couple hours later to write it the internet had suddenly went down for no reason. “I know this happens at times God, but why, why does it have to be right now?”

After the depression and tiredness had sunk in for a few minutes and the reality that I’d have to wait til morning was clear I realized that maybe God was speaking to me through this. I was feeling down and sad and Satan realizing this was the perfect time to attack brought urges to do bad things into my mind. I then remembered that Craig Groeschel had just talked about Toxic Thoughts at Church Online and had told us to “identify and reject” those thoughts when they come. I realized that now was the perfect time to put what I learned into practice.

Tip 1: You can blog about life experiences and things you learn

I identified that the urges were from Satan, texted a friend, and then chose to reject the thoughts and rely on God. I also realized that through this experience God was telling me that he had better ideas for what I should blog on.

Tip 2: God may have better plans, allow him to speak and blog as he leads

We’re taking a twist at blogging tools. I posted on FB and Twitter yesterday “Thinking about doing a series on Blogging Tools – plugins, stat counters, ways to promote your blog, etc.” This isn’t the direction God has planned for this week. Instead of looking at those things this week we’ll cover more of “blogging tips” as long as this is what God wants and maybe next week we can do “blogging tools.”

Some of the things we might look at this week are –

  • Why Should I Blog Early/Ahead of Time?
  • Is it Okay to Blog About Life Experiences?
  • Alternate Ways to Read or Post When the Blog is Down
  • Save, Save, Save
  • Rely on God When Blogging

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