Nuggets or Big Mac for God?

“Nuggets or Big Mac for God” – Guest Post by my friend Kraig.

When we are baptized it symbolized that we are dying to ourselves and resurrecting to Christ. We are no longer property to ourselves but we are owned by Christ. Jesus didn’t challenge us just to live by the law alone but also to form our mind so we may be like minded. (Roman 6)

Lately I have had these struggling thoughts should I ask this girl out or not.  There been many times that I have sat and battled with my thoughts and praying to God and asking what His will is. As you might be able to guess this was draining and it made me frustrated that I felt that God was ignoring me, or I was just being too blind to see what God want to show me.

One day at McDonald I was sitting there wondering big Mac or nuggets. I joked to myself and prayed in my mind “God you make the call” after doing this I fell into a deep thought. God should have every say in my life. Of course I feel like I’m willing to listen, so I think, but when is it that I should and shouldn’t take something to God? Should I be having Him lead me in every decision? Or perhaps it only the “big” decisions. E.g. jobs, love life, habits finance.  This didn’t solve my problems on whether I should ask this girl out or not. And I realize that God doesn’t want us to be robots and want us to let our consensus and the Holy Spirit guide us. I decided to go through with asking the girl out I weight the negatives and positives, and to me it seems a better way to serve God, to my eyes, but I also realize that God is in control so, it doesn’t matter if she says yes or no now, now what matters is will I still follow God and trust Him after my discussion or not.

The God, who makes the Galaxy spin, is the same God, who cares about my every concern and WILL guide me, but I need to put my hand in His, and let Him guide me and trust His timing. Ultimately we aren’t asked to decide a Big Mac over chicken, or whatever we get an answer when we want it, but really the real question is WILL YOU FOLLOW?


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