Fellowship One and the Alien Newcomer

Helping Aliens feel welcome in and after church services. Going from the newcomer to getting them connected. Is there an easy software that can help with this?

While reading through blogposts the other day I came across Scott Williams post “The LifeLine of the Church.”

In his post he uses the video “You Were Called to Serve People, Not Software.”

This video from Fellowship Technologies shows Dynamic Church using the software Fellowship One to welcome a newcomer to their church and how it helped this newcomer get plugged in, sign their children into classes, and more. This person was an “alien” at Dynamic Church and with the help of this software and those serving here this newcomer at the end of the video is now a regular and also serving in the church. Check out the video here.

“Fellowship One helps the church to become more effective in ministry and more efficient in administration, with the essential information needed to make ministry decisions. Fellowship One allows you to focus on the reason you began working for the church – to serve people rather than administer data.”

Is this software for your church? Does it have a cost? Find out more here.


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  1. The only thing I didn’t like about that video was the fact that the guy was pretty much a member before anyone contacted him.

    But, I only have 60 people in my service, not 6,000. As long as we don’t let software replace face to face hugs and ministry, I am all for letting technology aid us.

    Thanks Becky

    • You do have a point Kevin. After checking out the Dynamic Church website you can see that the website is also run by Fellowship Technologies, using it to sign up for classes and see what is happening in the church and such. It’s more than just a software to help you keep track of people’s status and info. It’s a lot of things. Definitely not meant to replace in person ministry, it’s to help keep things organized and such better so you are serving people instead of using tons of trying tracking information. That’s my take on it.

  2. Gina Fuller

    I serve at the Lifechurch.tv–Ft. Worth campus and for Church Online as the Online Lifegroups Administrator and we use FellowshipOne to keep track of who comes to our campus and lifegroups and make contacts, but they, personally, don’t register themselves. I agree, that would be replacing that personal contact and we don’t do that. It’s strictly used to keep track of them and when they were contacted and what they are involved in serving. Very good software.

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