Feeling Accepted without Alienation at Vineyard

When you enter a new place for the first time how welcome do you feel there? Do you feel accepted? Are you treated kindly? How are you spoken to?

Sometimes in life we ourselves feel like we are from another planet. When we go somewhere new we may feel like foreigners or aliens in that situation. And sometimes people at that place feel the same way about you, they may feel like they are “meeting someone from another planet.”

Having been part of a small Vineyard church plant (physically) in my area so far this summer I’ve felt accepted the entire time I’ve been there. Coming in as a newcomer I thought I might feel out of place and like an alien but Vineyard people are great and I felt accepted and wanted since the moment I stepped through the doors.

I feel like I’ve been part of this Vineyard church family for longer than I have because of how welcome they make you feel, and how they let you know you were missed if you’re not in attendance one night.

We had a cookout last night at one of their houses. I had not been at the service when they talked about the cookout so knew nothing about it until a lady in the church messaged me on FB. She mentioned that she had missed me that night, and let me know we were having a cookout at their house and that they wanted me to come.

This lady specifically saying that she wanted me there helped me make the choice to go. Had she, or someone else not said this I probably would not have gone.

I’m glad I know her and her family, and the rest of this Vineyard church. Looking for a church to call home in your area? Check out Vineyard, they are great!

As we come to an end of the Marsian dude, taking Lifechurch.tv to Mars, and Christians being aliens in this world I want to transition and continue this series over the next few days or week and look at Aliens in specific; covering subjects such as Feeling Like An Alien – self esteem, and new situations; and Aliens In Your Church Services – newcomers, helping them feel welcome and getting them plugged in.

If you have an Alien subject you’d like me to try to cover here on the blog (funny or serious) leave a comment or catch me on Twitter or FB and let me know.


Tomorrow – Fellowship One and the Alien Newcomer


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