and At the Movies go to Mars – just for fun

After learning about Mars I had to share the experience with my friends online so tweeted “Just made a new friend at LC. He lives on Mars and they have internet and I’m still getting unconfused.” And that’s how the conversation between JoeMrTGina, and I (Becky), about taking and At the Movies to Mars began..

Joe: LifeChurch on Mars? I think it could work.

Joe: We should see if we can get that started. I mean we may have to be a network church first. But it can grow!

Becky: That would be cool.

MrT: …we can get it started. I mean we may have to be a network church first. But it can grow! // I’m all in!!

Joe: We are. We can make this work. First experience around Christmas.

Becky: Are we moving there to start this network church? That sounds fun.

MrT: Joe, we can take “Little Drummer Boy” to new “heights”.

Becky: Can we ship the stuff there? Maybe we can catch a ride with NASA. Can’t forget the food, LC always has that too.

MrT: We’re gonna need some What’s Next Kits, some chairs, 3 video screens, and……well, a rocket.

Joe: Rocket, yes. Chairs, no gravity.

MrT: Can we take the instruments with us 2 so we can have a band? Food? Starbucks?// We might need a bigger rocket.

Joe: Don’t forget the sweet tea. I love the sweet tea.

MrT: And popcorn. Lots and lots of popcorn.

Becky: How about a rocket for the supplies and another for us? Need survival items water.

Joe: I also think we need a LC sticker for the rocket. And a golf cart for the parking lot. And a moon bounce Or not.

Becky: We’re taking At the Movies to Mars. Awesome! Definitely popcorn and plenty of doorhangers..screen and projector too.

Becky: Sounds great Joe! Taking LC to definition of global!

Joe: Ha. Just pictured Craig giving the message with pointy green Martian ears. Great image.

Joe: First Mars. Then Venus. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. The possibilities are endless!

Becky: LC on all the planets, maybe we’ll meet some real aliens and lead them to Christ too they won’t be scary anymore 🙂

Gina: LC announced new campus on the moon at The Big Show. Could the Mars campus come from there?

Gina: Food, yes! “star” bucks too!

Gina: Yes all of what you said! Can’t wait to launch the Mars campus! Lol

It was fun talking about taking to Mars but in reality that can’t happen. Do you ever enjoy making up stories or just having fun dreaming about something that you wish could really happen?


Tomorrow on Meeting People from Another Planet – “Christians are Aliens Our Home is Heaven”


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  1. I love this, Becky!

  2. Me too Gina, it was so much fun. I wish that dream could really come true though and that people really did live on Mars for us to take it to.

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