A Marsian at Church Online? Come Join Us Sometime, All are Welcome!

Made a new friend at Lifechurch.tv Church Online the other night. He lives on Mars and they have internet and I’m still getting unconfused. Never know what planets, countries, and states will show up at LC.

We were just talking in chat before the Experience started and he, we’ll name him Marsian, says that he is new and that it’s his first time here. So you know I welcome him and he asks me where I’m from. I told him I was from the USA and he says he is from Mars. At this point I get confused because, how can people live on Mars, like how is that possible? But Marsian was saying he lived there and obviously somehow had internet to be able to be at Church Online and chat with me, so it had to be possible – it was obvious. I totally believed him at this point and he’s telling me how everybody there are Christians, they don’t like Satan, and that he’s going to tell all his friends there about Church Online and I was thinking “cool, we’ll get to chat with more people from Mars, I have a lot of questions about Mars and life, and..” Pretty soon the Experience started and more people entered the chat room and we started singing along with the music. Marsian then reveals his true identity and I realize that probably everything he said was not true, but hey at least it was humorous and I could believe there really is life on Mars for a little while. …

So I got to talk to somebody from Mars who really wasn’t from Mars but what can I say, it was fun and great while it lasted.

Really, it’s true you don’t know who’ll show up at Church Online or what identity they will come in as. People from all over planet Earth, sometimes over 40 countries are represented at one time. Everyone from all walks of life – depression, divorced, Christian, non Christian, other religions, multiple personality disorder, others..and of course everybody else – are always welcome and accepted at Church Online and we would love to meet you too.

So whether you’re from Venus, Pluto, or Mars, Asia, China, or Japan, Oklahoma, Texas, or Canada, and any other place or planet you can think of come on over to Church Online and you’ll be glad you did.

Join us for any of many Experiences here.

Interested in joining the team to help make a global difference for eternity? Join here.

See ya there!


Tomorrow for Meeting People from Another Planet – “Lifechurch.tv and At the Movies go to Mars – just for fun”


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