Community Gathers for Fun, Games, and Fireworks on July 4th Weekend

It is July 4th weekend here in America. Not sure what events go on in your town on this weekend, but in my town that Saturday we have a Blues Festival, Garage Sales around town, Community Day – Inflatables, Games, Free Swimming at the pool, .., and then Fireworks at night. It’s a lot of fun.

Seeing the community come together on this day can be fun. I got to help run a couple games like a bean bag toss for a couple hours this afternoon and I saw smiles on kids faces, and got to help them have some fun too. It’s almost like going to a carnival but mostly free, short lines, and all happens right in town.

Martina McBride – Independence Day

This song by Martina McBride talks about taking herself to the fair in town on Independence Day. It’s a little bit like what happens in my town, except her experience actually happened on the 4th whereas here it’s whatever that Saturday is.

Another tradition that I think happens in all towns/cities are Fourth of July Fireworks. I used to be scared of them, didn’t like the loud noise or the crowds. But now that I’m older and live in a smaller town I like them. A bunch of us from the Church of Christ in town gather at one of the church members houses which is across the street from a park and right near the river where the fireworks are set off. The Church gathers on their lawn for a couple hours before fireworks for fellowship, food, and then watch the fireworks together. Seeing the community each year here as well as in the park across the street is great.

Small town community is great on July 4th weekend.

What do you do on Fourth of July Weekend? Any events or traditions in your town?


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