What Others Are Saying about Twitter Apps

So far we’ve looked at HootSuite, Seesmic, and Tweetdeck. Take a look at what some others are saying, what they like and why you should check out these apps.

What Others Are Saying –

“HootSuite does what you’re looking for. Nice web app, also Firefox plug-in. I can post to Facebook and twitter simultaneously on it, or just one or the other. The iPhone app is 2.99, but the free version is all you need if you manage 3 twitter accounts or less.” – Jason F.

“I’m liking this Hootsuite thanks” – @Von_olmstead

“I use “Seesmic” for just almost everything. They have numerous desktop apps, and mobile apps. My favorite offering from them though is their web based version. It’s very nice, and I think you would like it.” – David S.

I’m using Seesmic for my Android phone and so far I like it. I like using TweetDeck for my PC.” – @darrencurrin

“I use Tweetdeck for both my PC and iPhone and haven’t had any problems so far.”  – native4christ

“I love Tweetdeck. It’s amazing. I can track all of my personal and business Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles. .. I don’t use it however to post links to FB as you don’t get the thumbnail image on your page. Same for video. I tried Hootsuite but just didn’t like it. I was already used to Tweetdeck and now with the scheduler it’s the same. I love it as a desktop app and use it on my iPhone as well.” – Scott A.

What would you say about the app you use? Any new ones you are interested in trying?


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  1. Thought about checking those others out, but if it ain’t broke…

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