TweetDeck Review

I’ve been seeing that many people use an app to post from their phone to Twitter, Facebook, etc; or/and on their computer from Twitter to Facebook. I finally gave in and downloaded TweetDeck for the desktop.

“TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR desktop Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace application. Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles. …”

TweetDeck uses columns and you can easily see what your friends are saying. For the most part I like it. Some things that I like and dislike are –


  • Can see “All Friends,” “Replies,” “DM’s” etc all from one page.
  • Can post from Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts, just from one or to them all at the same time.
  • Built in url shortener.
  • No fail whale.
  • Pop up tweet window – it checks twitter every minute or so and you see the new tweets in a pop up window in the top right of your browser. Pops up and then goes away, very useful as long as you pay attention.

Dislike –

  • It doesn’t like to post to Facebook (for me anyway). Update: it’s working now
  • Sometimes fails to post your update so you have to refresh and try again.
  • Is another window to have open – being a desktop app it cannot be a tab in the browser.

Thinking about checking out some of the other desktop or online apps for Twitter too. See what all is out there and what I like best and which is most useful for my situation. Would love to hear your thoughts about which I should check out.

If you use TweetDeck what are your thoughts on this application? What other twitter online or desktop apps are you using or have tried? Which have you found to be most affective?


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  1. Thanks for doing this review! I’d love to see other reviews you do along this line. I had no idea TweetDeck was a desktop app. I assumed you had to have a smart phone (which I don’t) with 3G access to use it!

    Keep me posted on other application finds that make using Twitter easier, please!


    • That’s what I’ve thought for awhile too Jennifer about having to have a phone, but I decided to google it and it said “desktop” too. Was hesitant about the download but didn’t have to create a login besides logging in with Twitter or Facebook so that was nice. I’m considering doing a series on Twitter apps or helpful blog tools this week..will keep you updated!

  2. Hey Becky,

    HootSuite does what you’re looking for. Nice web app, also Firefox plug-in. I can post to Facebook and twitter simultaneously on it, or just one or the other. Adobe Air apps are resource hogs. And HootSuite just went totally HTML5, btw.

    The iPhone app is 2.99, but the free version is all you need if you manage 3 twitter accounts or less.

    Check it out at


  3. Hey –
    I use “Seesmic” for just almost everything. They have numerous desktop apps, and mobile apps. My favorite offering from them though is their web based version. It’s very nice, and I think you would like it.

    You can check them out here:
    Their web app is here:


  4. native4christ

    Hi Becky, I use Tweetdeck for both my PC and iPhone and haven’t had any problems so far. I don’t really use it very often unless there is something worth posting on my other social networks than just FB. I’m a FB Junkie!!! Or if I just want to play catch up on all of my social network accounts at once without having to log into each one individually. I’m not sure how I linked all my accounts together, but when I create a new status/update/post, I use Tweetdeck and post it to my Twitter account only and it automatically forwards it to all of my other accounts.

  5. I used to use Tweetdeck a lot. Now I just use it when I do our Twitter poetry parties.

    • Thanks for sharing about Seesmic David, sounds like a good app too!

      Native thanks for the feedback on TweetDeck. Sounds like you need more of a FB app than a Twitter app :). I used to have my accounts hooked up like that, some I still do, love that we can do that!

      L.L. Barkat Twitter poetry party sounds fun!

  6. I love Tweetdeck. I was introduced to it back in October when I started my company and first started an account with Twitter. It’s amazing. I can track all of my personal and business Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles. Along with the fan page for my business and church that I run.

    I love that I can see the @s and DMs all in one place.

    I also use it to monitor certain keywords that are in my niche to see what people are tweeting about. I have actually gotten some very good customers by responding to their disgruntled tweets about other companies. I know there is a Twitsearch option through Twitter, but with having it on Tweetdeck it’s so much easier.

    Now I will say there have been some overload problems lately with the release of the new version, but most of this is Twitter’s fault. I also love that they added the ability to schedule posts. That is so time saving when you’re running multiple FB fan pages..

    I don’t use it however to post links to FB as you don’t get the thumbnail image on your page. Same for video.

    I tried Hootsuite but just didn’t like it. I was already used to Tweetdeck and now with the scheduler it’s the same. I love it as a desktop app and use it on my iPhone as well.

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