Small Town – What Others Are Saying

This week we’ve been looking at Small Towns. Their Advantages, Transportation, a poem, guest post on “Growing Up In A Small Town,” and now to end the series lets see what other people are saying.

What Readers are saying about small towns –

Small towns are great, I grew up in a small town and for the last 8 years, my family and I have lived in a small town. At this point, we are very much ready to get back to a city, we miss the conveniences that mass quantity brings in so many ways.

Safety – I’m not talking about myself necessarily, but I have heard of some people very close to my heart that don’t have a key to their own house. (ok, maybe it is me but I hope you don’t know where I live!) You can leave your house unlocked if you are comfortable with that with no worries. Growing up in a small town, before I could drive, I would walk or ride my bike everywhere, day or night. I am starting to see my kids do that as well. Although, I think I’m a little more protective than my parents felt they had to be. – Jim Walton

– We don’t live in a small town, but we do live close to a bike path that looks something like the asphalt path in your header above (though not as many trees and woods), which we can ride on safely, separated from automobiles, all the way to the center of the next small town south. There, we can visit the library and many shops. On Saturdays, I can pedal to the Farmer’s Market in about 25 minutes. – Ann Kroeker

In one word to a sentence how would you positively describe a small town? (Twitter/FB responses)

– Slow – Felicia

– Friendly – @DonaldOhse

– Safe, predictable and quiet – @phillipgibb

– Small, two stoplights and a blinker light – Dad

What are your thoughts on a small town?


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  1. peaceful, easy going& more personal

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