Growing Up In A Small Town

Today’s post is a guest post by @mrslisae. @mrslisae is a friend of mine whom I asked to tell me a little about living in small town. She talks below about growing up there and some of the advantages to living in a small town.

Growing up in a small town everyone shared what they had with everyone else. Like I walked at least a mile handing out vegetables from our garden and in return my dad would fix any small engine that came to him.

You knew that if you got stranded somewhere you could just knock on the nearest door for help. There was a very secure feeling to a small town. People helped one another. If there was an emergency everyone stepped up. Like once my dad tried to cut down a huge tree and it toppled across the main road. Neighbors came running out and people pulled their cars off and jumped right in to help. It went way beyond borrowing a cup of sugar but we did that too.

I don’t regret growing up in a small town though, my mother often kicked us out at daylight and locked the door…my sister and I could always find someone to have lunch with and nobody locked their doors. People would greet you when you went out and they’d know you by name, and ask about the family too. Going to walmart often turned into a church social or a family reunion. Even now when I visit, I’m going to see somebody at that walmart, its a given, last trip I saw my old pastor and he smiled and gave me a big hug.

There are down sides to being in a small town, when a triple homicide shook our town, everyone knew the victims and everyone felt the losses. That also acted as a powerful reminder to some and they turned back to God. It was tough to find a jury for trial though, everybody knew either the victims or the accused.

BFI was moving in on our little town and though we were small, we grouped together and fought the good fight..BFI was stronger and had more money so they won, but a lot was to be said for the battle.

Unity is how I would sum up a small town, unity, warmth, security, and a sense of belonging.


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